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 Smart Marketing Tips #1
Find Places To Tell Your Story
Written by Stephen Gregg on February. 20th 2022
Creating and telling your story or making presentations are is most important for entrepreneurs who offer a product or service to individuals or small business owners.  You can create an online or local  event then invite people to join you at your event.  That's where your business can shine.  You now own the floor. 

Places you can tell your story or make presentations:

1.  LinkedIn Events
2.  Alignable Events
4.  Host a Webinar -
5. Host a Lunch & Learn at a local restaurant
6. Create a Facebook Live Event
7. Book a meeting in your prospects office
8. Ask to be a guest on someone else's event 

Steps to get started:

Step 1 - Book a date - What doesn't get scheduled doesn't get done
Step 2 - Create the type of event that your prospect would want to learn about.
Step 3 - Create your presentation with call to action- Use PowerPoint
Step 4 - Find a location - Clean, professional and with lots of free parking
Step 5 - Create a registration form - online or paper form if it's a local event
you want a commitment from them to attend.
Step 6 - Create a confirmation email or text message for follow up. 
Step 7 - Begin inviting your prospects to your event

Make it your goal to tell your story to a group of your prospects as often as possible and you will see tremendous growth in your business.


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